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let's go vote! let's keep moving forward! >> walk with me. walk together. tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. >> mitt romney in manchester, new hampshire, president obama in des moines, iowa, at the end of a long and grueling campaign. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan issue lee. the most expensive race in presidential histories up to the voters. tracking polls show president barack obama leading romney nationally 50 to 47%. lillian, the final push for votes? reporter: it's been a mad dash to the finish line. the candidates, wives, and
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running mates, campaigned in a total of 12 states. >> the president's final campaign stop was in iowa, a key battleground state and also a sentimental place for the obamas. his win here in the 2008 caucus jump-started his first presidential bid. >> i've come back to iowa one more time to ask for your vote. i came back to ask you to help us finish what we've started. >> the next president of the united states. >> the romneys also went back to the state where it started for them. their final stop, manchester, new hampshire. also a target state. >> the question of this election comes town to this. do you want four more years like the last four years? >> your hometown chicago bears good enough to win the super bowl? >> yes, they are. >> earlier tonight candidates appeared on monday night
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football. while millions of voters heard their candidates talk about their favorite teams during halftime. >> do you have a favorite team. >> new england patriots. i take full responsibility for their two super bowl wins. reporter: polls indicate a dwight -- tight race. the ten residents of the town cast their ballots of midnight eastern time. five to the president, five went to mr. romney. >> mr. romney's appearance in new hampshire tonight was going to be his final campaign rally, but he since decided to campaign in iowa and pennsylvania tomorrow. >> carolyn: our laura anthony is in bop tonight where the romney campaign plans to hold its victory celebration. first, election day in chicago is shaping up quite differently thanked did four years ago. mark matthews was in grant park when the president was elected
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and is in chicago tonight with more on the preparations there. reporter: on the streets of chicago you do not see obama signs like four years ago. tonight, big donors met but you couldn't tell. san francisco's is one of the financial backers from the bay area. >> everytime he has come to town i have been in the line, and that's a little more than being out in the rafters. >> but she is going to be here at the mccormick center tomorrow night. we can't show you the inside of the hall. no pictures until tomorrow. tickets have been set aside for campaign volunteers, like the folks at this phone bank in chicago. tied they were calling volters in wisconsin and iowa, among them, this aide, debby. >> you can see the people so invested and committed here. i don't think anything is being taken for granted. >> she talks about the energy in the phone bank room but on the
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street office chicago, we weren't feeling it. not from the people we talked with. we didn't see signs for the president. there weren't the big crowds of supporters we saw four years ago. chicago is still obama's town, just not as much as it was. >> i'm laura anthony in boston where the convention center is aglow in red, white, and blue. this will be the headquarters for the mitt romney campaign on elex -- election night. after voting tomorrow night, the governor will head out to iowa and pennsylvania for some last-minute campaigning. then he will be here for what the republicans are hoping is a celebration. in boston, laura anthony, abc-7 news. >> carolyn: here's our schedule for reporting election results. we'll have a special area edition at 3:00, including live report from the campaign headquarters. abc's world news with diane
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sawyer will air followed by elux results, and then abc news primetime coverage at 8:30. we'll have a complete wrapup at 11:00. and you can get real-time results on the moments the polls close. we'll have live updates here and at news. >> a big important day tomorrow. the weather should be a great day to vote. we had record temperatures today. let's talk to sandy. she has a look at the radar. >> if you look at live doppler 7hd right now, the skies are clear. as we look at the doppler and offshore flow, provided us with the warmth today. we set nearly a dozen records. oakland airport and sfo,
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degrees, and moffet field, 83. san jose, 84. gilroy, 90. salinas airport, 96. and hollister, 91 today. i'll be back to let you know if this record-breaking heat will repeat again for election day, and talk about major changes coming later this week. >> dan: developing news out of san rafael. three people in custody for the death of a baby at a day care. a four-month-old died on october 23rd at the magic place children's center, which is -- an occupation showed the baby died of suffocation. investigators believe the bedding cut off the child's away, police arrested three people, including the opener of the day care. they were booked on charges of involuntary manslaughter. >> an oakland woman says she'll never forget in the tight in the giants won the world series. it turn into a night of terror when she was severely burped by a bonfire in the mission district.
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we're live in san francisco with her frightening story. reporter: we were on market street tonight where one of many bonfires were set the night the giants won the world series, erica says one of the fires nearly killed her. >> when i get -- i get anxious. >> she could barely sit down for our interview. the pain was too intense. >> up believable amount of pain. never felt anything like it in my life. >> she had second degree burns on her arms and lower back. it happened the night the giants won the world series. the streets were packed with fans. >> we were walking down loyalarch headed home, big bonfire, can't miss it. that was exciting. >> when she got closer to the bonfire burning in the street, someone ran through the crowd, causing thor fall into the flames. >> at that time i heard the crowd around the bonfire go, woe! >> someone called 9-1-1 and she
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would intend the next week in the burp unit at the hospital. a week later erica's mother wonders where were the police. >> i'm angry. i'm hurt for her. this could be prevented if there -- that's why we have laws. >> i feel they should have just been something happening. if fairs a fire, put it out. if you can't control a crowd, at least have people standing around to just watch anybody around it. >> erica has no insurance, and with mounting medical bills, friends created this facebook page. $1,000 has been raised so far. report report police say they were out in force that night, but no knowing about erica's injuries. we made some phone calls and now say they will be in touch with erica as soon as tomorrow. abc-7 news. >> dan: well, the search will continue tomorrow for a missing redwood city mn who disappeared
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during a church retreat. santa cruz sheriff deputies believe 74-year-old george slider is lost in the heavily wooded state park. he was last s asking for directions back to camp. >> the entire family is worried about him at this point. we're worried about dehydration. and this is the second night out. we're very worried about that. >> dan: slider was last seen wearing blue t shirkts gray sweatpantses and black running shoes. the real life cat burglar is back at it again. >> gloves, shoes. socks. >> now his owners finally found out how he does it. we're hot on the trail of the celebrity camp. >> dan: abc-7 finds an historic cross hundreds of miles away
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from its home. >> if you have trouble voting, you can report problems to 877-222-7777. we have that number posted for you at
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remember dusty, the klepto kitty? the real life cat burglary who became a worldwide sensation after abc-7 aired a story about him. he is still stealing and his owners finally found out how he does it. we went back to see him. reporter: this is dusty today. he looks content and more mellow. nothing like the thief who stole 600 items in three years. >> towels, gloves, shoes, socks, a little toy -- children's toy. >> he leaves home at night and returns with his loot in the morning. a camera installed by the animal
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planet network captured his annual nightly heists for weeks and he is not choosey. our story went viral. got millions of hits on youtube, the story cat aputted him on news programs all over the world. his antics were a bonus feature in the pussn boots. jay leno had some fun with dusty. >> look at that. a mercedes. >> here at home, dusty basks in his role as grand marshal at the burlingame pet parade. it's been almost two years since we aired our story, so we went back to see how he is happening his celebrate status. >> he still has to get out and go looking for whatever it is, his treasures. >> now he is wearing a collar camera. dusty was shooting us as we were shooting him. his owners wondered what his mo
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was, where he actually went at night. now with a camera. >> he's on the move. >> they found that dusty likes to start the night on the roof. here's what it looks like from his critter cam. he appears to be surveilling the neighborhood, checking out the lay of the land. he then goes underneath the family car. maybe hiding. suddenly he dashes out across the street. he is now decided which house to hit. this house. dusty races towards the back of the home, into the yard. he finds the pet door, one that dusty will crawl through, that leads leads to hidden treasures. scream and jim installed an infrared camera outside their home and shows what dusty brings back. on this night he stole a toy nemo. and here it is at his home, but dusty, well, he seems to be slowing down since we last saw him. >> i think it's mostly because the neighbors know about him now and know better than to leave something outside. >> so now what does he bring back from his nightly heists?
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>> mostly he brings back plastic and garbage now, taco bell bags, safeway bags, sometimes with gang in it. >> so now he's like the garbage collector, cleaning up the neighbor. >> dusty has reformed, yeah. trying to do good now. reporter: we also noticed something else. a cat on he left side of the screen. dusty is on the lower right. is he having a midnight affair? that was a no comment. as we left dusty went back on the roof. is he thinking about committing another purr-fect life or or is he cleaning up the streets? after all, cats like litter. >> got to love the critter cam. let's move on. more than 1.4 million people are without power on the east coast and could be a cold one as a winter storm moves in.
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despite the outages, people in new york and new jersey should be able to vote. power is being restored to polling places. both states with allow displaced voters to cast ballots in their temporary districts. one county brought mailin ballot boxes to a shelter for folks foo examiner vice their right to vote. our parent company, disney, kicked off giving day with a $2 million donation to red cross. you can help by texing abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief efforts. you can also call 1-rb 800-helpnow or go online to red if you want to do more than that, gee we sure had incredibly warm weather and more on the way. >> dan: records set today. sandy is here with the forecast. >> we may be seeing more records for election day.
12:18 am
live doppler 7hd showing you clear skies no fog, and we're reading into another warm day. here are the temperatures for today. 79 in half hoop -- half moon bay. 84 in accept rose sample these are records. 4 in san jose. 88 degrees in accept -- santa cruz. hard to believe this is november. it was summer-like heat here. but we're heading heading into winter-like chill. numbers right now in the 50s and the 60s, and here are the highlights. warm tomorrow. cooler for wednesday and cold showers on thursday. it will really wake you up and make it feel like winter around here. so, tomorrow morning, starting out the numbers in the low 50s to low 60sor, you're going to eclear skies, no fog. election day forecast, upper 50s to upper 60s. sunrise, 6:41. sunny and mild at noon.
12:19 am
low 70s to low 80s, the coast cools and the fog returns by p.m. temperatures from the 60s at the coast and bay to low 70s inlean. so good-looking weather for voting. changes begin tomorrow night. fog will return near the coast, and the cooling gets underway tomorrow evening. even major changes, bigger changes, i should say, coming by thursday. much colder air associated with the storm in the gulf of alaska. by week's end, so your thursday is looking wet and colder in the sierra nevada this will translate into snow. the national weather service already potioned a winter weather advisory. five to ten inches of snow expected 59,000, gusty -- at 5,000 feet. tomorrow afternoon, warm. on the peninsula, 77 in millbrae. mountain view, 80.
12:20 am
75 on the coast and pacifica. a warm day. daly city, sunset district, mid-70s, south city, downtown san francisco, 77. north bay, the fog is getting closer. 73 at bodega bay. east bay, temperatures close to today's levels. 79 in oakland. inland, you'll feel the warmth again. 80 concord. for the monterey bay, warm 76-degree day in monterey, could see records. the election day looking great. cooler wednesday. cold showers thursday, may see thunder and lightning and small hail. a few showers on friday, and then keying cold conditions expected the morning over the weekend with cool conditions during the day. temperatures will take a good 20-degree drop from tomorrow to friday and saturday. mike is here 4:30 to 7:00 with any changes.
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>> dan: coming up next, the famous cross missing for two years, and abc-7 just found it. we'll have the story next. >> carolyn: if you already cast your ballot, you can post one of these to your facebook page.
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jibes a well-known cross which disappeared from the mojave desert has been found. >> it was reported missing two years ago. thanks to a viewer tips abc-7 found it 400 miles away. it was leaning against a gate. >> dan: authorities are not sure how it got there. the veterans of foreign wars put up the cross in 1934. but at least it's been found. glad we got the tip. carol layer beil is here. >> larry: warriors trying to keep their rivals winless. but can$$
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>> good evening. the warriors have a tough early season schedule. seven of the first 11 games are on the road, including tonight in sacramento against the kings. plastic pieces falling from the scoreboard. the coach is quick. warriors rookies make an impact. the block. i am festus.
12:29 am
golden state up 21-50, shot only 47% from the floor. a careless turnover. kings up eight at the break. their big man, demarcus cousins, monster night. game-high 23 points and 15 boards. warriors erase a 16-point deficit. final seconds, clay thompson for the lead! back rim with 1.6 to go. kings take one of two free-throws. warriors, to steph curry, no. the kicks win the first game of the season, 94-92 and the warriors fall 2-2,. not only did the raiders lose, the lst two tailbacks. mcfadden and goodson with high ankle sprains. the raiders could not stop doug martin. the stockton product, nick

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